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In nowadays hard and competitive school reality, essential advantage in the education of the third degree have only those students who start with good grounding and proceed with method and objectives.

What we offer to our students:

  • Our preparatory school bases its function on the respect of the students' personality as well as on the individual tutoring which adjusts to their specific characteristics. The lessons take place in a pleasant and friendly environment, in a proper pedagogical atmosphere, utilizing innovative teaching methods.
  • Experienced and responsible teachers who are specialized in the their subject of tutoring are always informed about all new developments in pedagogical matters, and as a result they can provide the best preparation to their students.
  • Our sections have only two to four students of similar level. In this way, we can adjust the subject of tutoring to the needs of each student. There is also the possibility of private lessons.
  • The study programme is based on the latest instructions of the Ministry of Education of Greece and is also based on the completion of the teaching subjects, on reviews and on writing many tests.
  • We give to our students free notes for all lessons. Educational bibliography is being used and renewed continuously. We also utilize new technologies with the suitable use of cd-roms and internet. In order to be sure that our students have a good consolidation of their subjects we give them exercises adapted to the demands of the new examination system.
  • The progress of our students is checked continuously with tests similar to the Pan-Hellenic Examinations. In this way we achieve the familiarization of the student with the exam procedure.
  • The organization of our preparatory school is excellent. We keep records of all students with information about their diligence, their behavior, their grades in all tests. In this way parents have a clear image of their children's progress. In case of absence we inform parents immediately. We also help our students with matters of professional orientation. Due to new technologies and internet we can always be informed about new developments in education.

All these things in combination with our experience, our responsible work, our love for education our true interest for our students and our cooperation with them have as a result the continuous success in the Pan-Hellenic Examinations. The happy smiles on the faces of our students are the best prize for our efforts and a source of power for continuing our work!

In our preparatory school we teach:

Ancient Greek, Essay writing, History and all the literary subjects for High-School - Senior High School - Technological School.

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